Southwestern Industries Proto-Trak DPM and LPM  Coolant Ring 

Coolant Rings

​Coolant Rings

Replacement Nozzles

Installation is simple slide it up over the spindle clamp in place and connect to your coolant supply. Now you have more options for good coolant supply to the tool. Haas models will work with the carousel tool changer. You can still use your programmable coolant.

Models for The Southwestern Proto Trak mills also.

There are 4 LED this picture is only showing 2 from the right side of the spindle

Coolant Ring

Work area illuminated right where you need it !

Below are pictures of the light install on a HAAS Cat 40 machine

* HAAS is a registered trademark of the HAAS CNC Machine tool company

Replacement Nozzles

A video from one of our customers.

Showing long and short tools

Cool Ring Light 

Our latest addition to the HAAS CAT40 and CAT50 Coolant ring,

AIR BLOW ! With this option you can convert either 1 or 2 of the nozzles on the right side to air blow. Works with your HAAS M-Codes for Air Blow control from the CNC Program. Cost is $200. to add this to your coolant ring includes everything needed for a complete installation.