Operations to read a file into machine.

Assuming your file is on the root directory make sure the display reads "000"

Insert flash drive with file.

At machine read file in from floppy drive.

Before opening up machine be sure control is off and breaker is off .

Remove the old floppy drive unit.

Install the new usb adapter in the same manner.

The flat ribbon cable has a red mark on one side. Be sure this red mark is next to the power plug as shown in this picture.

  OPERATIONS  file to usb

To copy a file to the usb at the machine.

On the unit select the directory 000 thru 999 that the file will be copied into. "000 is the root directory"

 Insert the usb flash drive.

Press the OUT button for about 1 second then release, this will cause the display to read “d1” .

Now you can operate the machine writing your files to the floppy drive. BEFORE you remove the usb flash drive press the “out” button again for 1 second. The display to return to the directory number.
This writes the files from the adapters memory to the usb flash drive.

Now you can remove the usb flash drive.